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Hot research topics on Magister of Bioresources Management in 2022-2025


Biobased economy:

1)    Improvement double petal Butterfly pea variety through breeding and manage the segregating mapping population (Person in  Charge/PI. Dr. Agung Karuniawan).

2)   Best agronomic practices – fertilization, pest management to improve pigment accumulation on Butterfly pea (PI. Prof. Tarkus Suganda).

3)   Observation that double petal can revert back to single under stress conditions on Butterfly pea (PI. Dr. Agung Karuniawan).

4)   Novel biofertilizer of Bacillus and microbial-coated fertilizer (PI. Prof. Reginawanti Hindersah)

5)   Sustainable practices of bioresources (PI. Dr.Ernah)

6)   Local Bioresources business innovation system (PI. Dr Asep Mulyana)



1)   Exploration the indigenous herbs and other plants that traditionally Indonesian use for cures and remedies as to treat various diseases and ailments.…. (PI. Dr. Agung Karuniawan).

2)   The potential functional extracts from butterfly pea waste products with cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals  (PI. Prof. Tarkus Suganda).

3)   Medicinal plants as natural dietary additives and anthelmintics in animal diets (PI. Dr Diky Ramdhani)

4)   Antimicrobial peptide from Maize: functional analisys and application of ZmES gene family (PI. Dr Suseno Amien)

5)   Phenotype and its property diversity and development in Stevia (PI. Dr Suseno Amien)

6)   Economic Valuation of bioresources (PI. Dr. Ernah)


Biological waste management:

1)   Improvement of Marginal sandy Soil characteristics  with local successor plant and soil beneficial microbes (PI. Prof. Reginawanti Hindersah)

2)   Biostimulation technology for improving performance of Hydrocarbon and other toxic organic polutants bioremediation-phytoremediation  ( PI. Dr. Pujawati Suryatmana).

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