Master of Biological Resources Management Profile

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The Master of Biological Resources Management is a master’s program consisting of multidisciplinary sciences. This study program is a regular program held for 2 (two) years. At the beginning of the first year, students will be given lectures that contain technical knowledge and skills regarding the basic principles and techniques of research and product development, management, safety and legal aspects of products based on biological resources. In the second semester, students can take elective courses related to the field of research that will be carried out and be provided with provision to conduct research proposal seminars.

Students are given the opportunity to choose research topic specializations that focus on 3 leading research topics as follows:

1). Bio-based Economy

The bio-based economy focuses on developing biological resources towards an economic aspect that integrates aspects of natural resources and renewable biological resources that can be applied to various sectors for sustainable development for future generations. The scope of the bio-based economy includes biological resources, energy, policies and the economy.

2) Bio-prospecting
Bio-prospecting focuses on efforts to recognize and explore the potential of biodiversity starting from taxonomic, physiological, ecological aspects to the chemical content of natural materials so that new discoveries that have economic value are obtained. The bioprospecting aspect includes the search for genes, natural compounds (chemicals), and organisms that have the potential for product development and economic value through the use of modern technology.

3). Biological Waste Management

Biological Waste Management focuses on organic waste management such as household waste and industrial waste which leads to sustainable development. The existence of organic waste management is expected to be able to provide added value to waste which is only considered as a waste product. Organic waste management integrates several aspects such as social, economic, political, institutional, regulatory and financial. Various considerations of these aspects will determine the best management of organic waste management.

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Master of Biological Resources Management Profile