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Universitas Padjadjaran, referred to as Unpad, is a State University Legal Entity. Unpad utilizes Information Technology to support effective, efficient and integrated operational activities. In early 2017, Unpad use SIAT (Integrated Administration System) with the Oracle-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, per the Decree of the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran No. 2097/UN6.RKT/KEP/PR/2016 concerning Implementation of Oracle-based Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Applications in Universitas Padjadjaran environment. ERP is a business management application that aims to facilitate integrated business management based on information technology. The selection of Oracle itself was based on several considerations, such as the availability and completeness of ERP modules, ease of implementation, ease of use, and ease of set-up on Unpad’s existing system. We also take a look at success stories in similar institutions and the track record of users. Oracle-based ERP applications are a series of electronic devices and procedures that function to integrate the transaction process from the start of planning to the end of the financial recording.

ERP implementation based on Oracle with the support of SIAT tends to have a good effect on its implementation although at the beginning of using this system there were several very significant obstacles. This was related to administrative compliance and the application of procurement principles had not been fully accommodated and other support systems had not been well integrated with ERP.

However, over time, the presence of Oracle has had a good effect on the implementation of the principles of efficiency, speed, flexibility and ease. There are pros and cons related to non-systems that apply to several parties. The presence of Oracle ERP technology, which is juxtaposed with the technology that is currently used at Unpad, still has to be supported by the right policies from the leadership, and the support of all human resources.

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