Academic Guidance

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Every student in the Unpad Graduate School environment has the right to get a guardian lecturer. To support student learning, the study program appoints a guardian lecturer who will guide students in academic activities while pursuing Master’s and Doctoral studies. The number of students supervised by guardian lecturers is adjusted to the ability of the study program with the following conditions:

Basically, every teaching staff can become a guardian lecturer who guides students for the entire program being pursued.
Guardian lecturers are required to keep in touch with students periodically to monitor the progress of their studies, at least at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester.

In summary, the duties of the guardian lecturer are:

Assisting students in preparing study/research plans.
Monitor the study progress of the students he supervises.
At the beginning of the semester, the guardian lecturer holds a meeting with students to discuss the study plan for the entire program being pursued.
Accommodate students’ personal difficulties if they cannot be resolved (counseling).
Approve and sign the semester plan form that has been prepared by students (after the guardian lecturer understands the course planning).
Pay attention to the GPA achieved by students.

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Academic Guidance